Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018

RAL 4001 / RAL 7030

05.06. – 23.08.2018

Oel-Früh Cabinet, Mon-Fri 12 pm - 11 pm , Sat 5 - 11 pm

Oel-Früh Cabinet

Antje Sauer RAL 4001
Antje Sauer's photography is represented by mysteriously illuminated views of dimensionless objects that are often placed in rooms. Arrangements of light and unidentifiable shapes focus the question of image and interpretation on the fundamental elements of photography.

Wolfgang Oelze RAL 7030
Wolfgang Oelze's photographs and videos, which also include found images and films or special stories and legends, explore empty landscapes and spaces as diffuse scenes of unexplained actions. Smoke often spreads through the scenery. Peripheral areas, in the intermediate zone of civilization and nature, are depicted as nebulous carriers of secrets.