Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018

Personal Icons - Sven Jacobsen

01.06. – 06.12.2018

Galerie im öffentlichen Raum

In his show, which is part of this year's triennial series, Sven Jacobsen will present 40 large-format portraits. This selection of photos is part of a larger, ongoing series begun in 2011 in which Jacobsen captures unique personalities. People who stick out because, rather than conforming to popular standards, they exhibit an entirely personal interpretation of themselves. They all seem to be uninfluenced by contemporary trends and ideals.

"We arrange our photo exhibition along the walls of the fair hall as a contribution to urban culture in the public space," says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. "Instead of a long glass façade, people see a public art gallery inviting them to pause, contemplate and enjoy."

Sven Jacobsen is a freelance photographer working internationally since 1999. His work has won the John Kobal Award and the Reinhart Wolf Preis and been shown in various exhibitions at venues such as the National Portrait Gallery London.