Triennial of Photography Hamburg BREAKING POINT. June – September 2018


A floating photographic platform

Sandtorkai / Traditionsschiffhafen

After months of cruising the rivers and channels of Europe, [2BOATS], a floating photographic platform, will finally be back in Hamburg for the Triennial of Photography Hamburg. Having beenlaunched in Hamburg back in August 2017, [2BOATS] went on a challenging journey through Europe’srivers and channels with two self-built boats by the artists Claudius Schulze (Hamburg) and Maciej Markowicz (Berlin). During the journey, they have been engaged with a study of the environment - rural and urban, natural and engineered - always looking out for new experiences. At Triennial of Photography Hamburg both artists will share their experiences and showcase their work.

Claudius’ Boat - The Conquest of the Improbable - provides a space for creative workshops, presentations, and discussions on urban life and identities. Maciej’s - Obscuraboat - is a floating camera obscura, creating an accessible real-time camera and upside-down projection of the outside world. Both made their way to Amsterdam, where they presented their work as part of the unseen photography festival. In November, they reached Paris for Paris Photo before heading back to Berlin in April and finally Hamburg in June 2018. [2BOATS] can be visited in the Traditionsschiffhafen in Hamburg from 9 -15 June 2018.

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